Oldham Children's Rights Service

  • Are you in the care of Oldham Authority?
  • Are you unhappy about the care you receive?
  • Do you feel you're not listened to?
  • Would you like to have more say in the decisions made about your future?

If so Oldham's Children's Rights Service can help.

The service is for people aged between 5-18 who are looked after by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. These include children or young people who are

  • Looked after in residential homes within the borough
  • Looked after in residential homes outside of the borough
  • In foster care within the borough
  • In foster care outside of the borough
  • Placed with parent/relatives
  • Placed with adopting parents prior to the making of the adoption order
  • Young people in custody who are subject of Care Orders

The service is run by The Children's Society and is independent of the local authority.

The service is split into three parts:

Children's rights - Working with children and young people to ensure that they are listened to and have their say. We also support young people should they wish to make a complaint about the service they receive from Oldham Local Authority.

Advocate - We ensure that young people are aware of their rights and help children and young people get involved in the decisions made about their care.

Independent Visitors - Someone who will befriend one child/ young person and visit on a regular basis for activities and as someone to talk to.

If you would like to speak to a Children's Rights Worker please ring 0800 027 4431 or text 077144 12370